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Even if you haven’t had a computer so far, you’ll be familiar with Windows. This is one of the biggest advantages: everyone knows the operating system and almost everyone has installed it on their computer. This means that you are probably already used to the user interface and how it works. But even if you’ve never worked on a computer, you’ll find your way around quickly. The operating system can be used intuitively. At the same time, it is particularly safe. It’s almost impossible to break something by using wrong key combinations or by experimenting. It looks very different with some free operating systems, which are primarily intended for IT professionals.


You may want to use it to access the business network, or you are a gamer and look forward to long hours of gaming. However, you may also be a student who has to process the lecture notes or prepare presentations. You will definitely want to write a text or work with numbers at some point. For this you need programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Note. All of this is part of Microsoft Office. This program offers the basis for efficient computer work.
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021

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